Welcome to worship.

Amazingly, we are on our last message from “The 10”. We have learned that the Ten Commandments are God's basic moral code. These ten “words” begin with the Name of the Lord, Yahweh, as He identifies Himself as the author of the document. Just before giving these commandments, God had liberated His people from Egypt. Then He provided spiritual boundaries that would direct their lives and bring a level of relationship they hadn’t experienced before. It holds true for us today: God directs those He liberates. 

As I’ve tried to make clear throughout this series, we hear clear echoes of these ten words from God in the New Testament. Each of the Ten Commandments is renewed, reinforced and reimagined in the New Testament, many of them in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

The first four commandments that we have examined focus on our relationship with God and the last six on our relationships to one another. All ten of the commandments are interrelated. Our obligations to God impact how we treat each other and our obligations to each other can only be well-kept out of loyalty to and love for God. We lean into the ten commands as we open our hearts to God and allow Him to energize our efforts to obey.

This weekend, we will see that deviations from God's will usually begin with coveting—that a lot of what goes wrong in our relationship with God and others starts with a strong desire to have what God prohibits us from having! So, today, let’s reason together about this important tenth word from God.

For all my brothers and sisters here at Lighthouse, may the Lord touch you and your family in this last week of Advent! Don’t forget to join us for our family Christmas services next weekend. Music, including carols, a brief children’s sermon, and a Christmas message from Pastor Brandon all combine to celebrate our Savior’s birth!

Blessings! Pastor Art