Welcome to worship!

This is an important weekend. As you know, the Leadership Team (LT) has recommended that Pastor Brandon Sales become our new senior pastor as I retire at the end of the year. (For those of you who have missed this over the last three weeks, please go to www.lighthousehome.org/transition.)

If you’re a member of Lighthouse, you’ll have an opportunity to vote at our Annual Meeting about whether Pastor Brandon should be our next senior pastor. So, as Pastor Brandon speaks from 2 Timothy 2, I have a couple of suggestions for how you might evaluate what you hear. Ask yourself three questions about what you hear this weekend: 1) Does Brandon’s message help you gain a good understanding of the passage? 2) Does Brandon’s message reflect practical ways to apply the passage?
3) As Brandon speaks, do you sense his passion for God and for God’s people?

I know that as you continue to think and pray about Brandon, the Lord will help you discern how you should vote. We will trust God together for His best.

Though we will take a few moments for last minute comments and questions at our Annual Meeting, time will be limited. So, it is wise to get your questions answered ahead of time and come prepared to vote. Contact any member of the LT for more information in this coming week.

This is such an important time for our church body. During this season, unity is especially important. Unity doesn’t mean that we must all agree, but it does mean that we stay connected, respectful of each other’s position, along with assuming the best motives. Let’s move ahead in love and find God’s best.

Looking forward to all that God has for our church family. We are in this together!

Blessings! Pastor Art

PS: Annual Reports are available. For those without internet access, pick up a copy from the limited number in the foyer.