• Family Worship

    Family Worship

    Aug 5/6 through Sept 2/3

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  • Canning & Food Preservation

    Canning & Food Preservation

    August 16-September 13

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  • Wild Waves Day

    Wild Waves Day

    August 22 • Grades 6-12

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  • MOPS Kids

    MOPS Kids

    MOPS Kids need you!

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  • Grief Workshop

    Grief Workshop

    Understanding grief in kids & teens

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  • Group Connect Event

    Group Connect Event

    Find out about Home Groups • September 8

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  • Mukti Mission Luncheon

    Mukti Mission Luncheon

    Learn about Mukti Mission • Sunday, August 27

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  • Communication: A Marriage Study

    Communication: A Marriage Study

    starts September 17 • 9:00am

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  • Family of LCC Celebration

    Family of LCC Celebration

    all-church picnic • after services Sept 2/3

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  • LCC Seniors

    LCC Seniors

    Our first gathering is on September 15 at 12:30pm

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  • Membership Class

    Membership Class

    learn about LCC membership • Sept 15 • 6:00pm

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  • Learning Groups

    Learning Groups

    new groups • various topics & start dates

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  • Support Ministries

    Support Ministries

    Come as you are!

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  • The Kingdom Story

    The Kingdom Story

    starting September 12 at 6:00pm

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  • Mission Trips Info Meeting

    Mission Trips Info Meeting

    learn about upcoming short-term mission trips • September 10 • 12:30pm

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  • August 19-25

     We are currently interviewing people to work in MOPS kids this coming year. Read more       

    August 22          wild waves day: all incoming 6th-12th graders

    August 25          memorial service for Paul Alexander at 6:00pm

    August 1                 deadline for registering for ethos academy: young adults 18-25

    August 4                
    game night: a fun group

    August 5/6              family worship starts (runs through labor day weekend)

    August 6                 blood drive sign ups in foyer

    August 6-12            cama camp: 4th-7th grade

    August 7                 bradley lake park: the well (young adults 18-25)

    August 8                 summer evening family walks starts: a fun group for the whole family

    August 12               dessert social: griefshare alumni              

    August 14               love, truth, & hope: loving your lgbtq friends/family

    August 14               the well starts: group for young adults 18-25

    August 16               canning & food preservation starts: an off campus fun group

    August 17               quilting fun group

    August 22               wild waves day: all incoming 6th-12th graders

    August 26              grief workshop: understanding grief in kids & teens

    August 27              fantasy football league starts with the live draft at 1pm: a fun group

    August 27              mukti mission luncheon: learn about the mission at a potluck lunch

    August 27              bbq for bible quizzers: 6th-12th graders

    August 29               awana starts
  • Upcoming Classes & Events

    September 2/3       last weekend of family worship

    September 2/3       family of lcc celebration: all-church picnic

    September 5          trap & skeet shooting: a fun group for men 18+

    September 6         griefshare & griefshare kids talk starts

    September 8         
    group connect event: join a home group

    September 10        mission trips info meeting: learn about upcoming short-term mission trips

    September 11        love, truth, & hope: loving your lgbtq friends/family

    September 12        kingdom story starts: a learning group

    September 13        divorcecare & dc4k starts

    September 13        scavenger photo hunt at the fair: a fun group for single/married without kids (18-35)

    September 15        membership class: learn about lcc membership

    September 15        seniors lunch: 50+

    September 17        new learning groups start: general learning groups

    September 28        new learning groups start: women's learning groups

    October 4               ignite starts: 5th graders

    November 9           game watch #1: fantasy football league fun group

    December 17         game watch #2: fantasy football league fun group