Prayer Focus 2018

Nothing is more important for Lighthouse than to have God's hand on our church. We must not depend on ourselves, but on God. As we do this, God will hear our prayers and will build up the church. Let us as a Body of believers have a common Prayer Focus as we go through 2018.

1. Unity is an absolute necessity this year. In the midst of a pastoral transition, Satan will try to come in and do damage. Ask God to work in your heart and in the hearts of everyone in our congregation. Ask that God helps us act like a family, firmly committed to each other in love.

2. As Pastor Brandon steps in as our new Senior Pastor, he will need a strong vision for the church and the wisdom to walk in that vision. Commit yourself to pray him in the year to come! Ask God to supply energy, love, grace, wisdom, long-suffering, direction, and a vision that never fades.

3. Pray for our pastoral, leadership, and support staff as they transition with Pastor Brandon. Change can be difficult. Ask God to help the staff to work together for the building up of the church. Pray for creativity, joy and success.

4. Pray for our finances. Ask that bills will be paid and our building loan will continue to gradually be paid off. Pray that God will provide all that we need by using the time, talent and treasure of the congregation for His glory.

5. Pray that God will give our staff the insight and energy they need to lead our congregation in every area of ministry. Pray for every lay leader who is on the front lines of ministry. We have leaders, young and old, in every area of ministry - Pray for them! They are vital in accomplishing the purpose that God has given us.

6. Finally, a request from Pastor Art: Would you pray for me as I retire? I want to make a difference for God in my retirement. I want to serve, love, and give. I want God to continue to anoint me for service. Yes, Naomi and I will have adventures in the days to come, but we want God to direct our paths so that we are part of serving in our local church with our Lighthouse family.

I pledge to pray!