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If you are a graduating 12th grader this year, be sure to check out MOMENTUM (starts April 8).

Our Mission, Vision & Values

We live an breathe Jesus in order to multiply and equip disciples.

A community of students, parents and other adults loving one another as Jesus loves them. We come alongside families, inspiring involvement at every level of need within the ministry: building up the believer, equipping the committed, and reaching out to the curious. Together we celebrate the milestones of a student's journey, establishing, encouraging, and partnering with them, forming a faith family.

Values: Jesus Centered Community
We make Jesus the focus of all we do so students know that nothing can happen apart from Jesus. We lovingly and intentionally help students become involved and known in a community where the life of Jesus is lived out and proclaimed to all.

The Family
The family is a primary environment for equipping students to be lifelong followers of Jesus. We are committed to a culture that brings parents and students together in order to strengthen their relationship with God and with each other.

The Faith Family
We believe it is of vital importance that students know and have relationships with multiple adults who are living out an authentic Christ-centered faith in order to establish a faith family.

Grace-filled Relationships
We want students to be confident that God's love is unconditional so we model grace-filled relationships by accepting students where they are and helping them extend that to others.

Lifelong Learners
We are committed to a Biblical environment that will help students ask questions, deal with doubts and encourage them to be lifelong learners.

Serving with Christ
We will work towards helping each student discover their own unique identity in Jesus and developing each student's abilities, gifts and desire to serve with Jesus.

Transforming Mission
We will help students dream, explore, live out and love in relevant ways to transform their homes, schools, workplaces, communities and nations for Jesus.