Why is a lead pastoral transition taking place?

Pastor Art is retiring after 27 years of ministry at Lighthouse and a total of 35 years of pastoral ministry. As the founding pastor, Art has helped to shape Lighthouse as it exists today. But at age 65, he believes that new leadership is needed to reach the next generation for Christ.

How did we arrive at Pastor Brandon as the candidate for next Lead Pastor?

A process began in January of 2017 when the Leadership Team (LT) and Search Team began exploring possibilities for a new Lead Pastor. First, a Search Team was formed, consisting of the LT and several members of the congregation. The mix of the team varied throughout the process, but always contained members of the LT and some congregational representation.

Several candidates were examined, both internally and externally. Considerable prayer, exploration and discussion have taken place during the past year. During this time period, the Search Team was directed to Brandon. This was a surprise since Brandon himself admits he will be facing a steep learning curve were he to be affirmed as Lead Pastor. But the Search Team concluded that Brandon had something that couldn’t be taught: character. They loved Brandon’s passion for God and love for people. Further, his spiritual wisdom has been apparent over his three years of ministry here at Lighthouse. And finally, Brandon loves the people of Lighthouse, from students to seniors, which is something that that our leadership believes is absolutely necessary for a good transition.

The LT believes that Brandon already possesses good ministry skills and that, with help and support, has the capacity to learn the additional skills needed to lead a church of this size. Our hope is that the congregation will affirm this choice.

Was the Search Team unanimous in their decision to recommend Brandon for this new role?

Yes. Lighthouse follows a “collaborative-leadership” model. Though not required in the Lighthouse Constitution, our goal is for unanimous decisions. In this case, we felt that it was important for each member of the Search Team to agree on the candidate we would present to the Lighthouse family.

How will Brandon be supported should he be affirmed and take over the Lead Pastor role?

First, Pastor Art will mentor Brandon during 2018 in all areas of leadership. In addition, Art will be available during 2019 to give assistance in any way that Brandon and the LT consider necessary. Further, the LT will provide Brandon with an experienced outside mentor who specializes in church leadership during the next two years.

These resources will be combined with the strong collaboration and support of both our pastoral staff and the LT.

When will members vote to affirm Brandon and what will be involved?

Lighthouse will hold its Annual Meeting on February 26. Everyone is invited and members will be able to vote on Brandon for our new Lead Pastor. The Lighthouse Constitution requires an 80% positive vote to affirm a new Senior Pastor.

The LT asks that all members spend the entire month of February in prayer. It is so important that the members of the Lighthouse family commit to pray and gain God’s guidance. Lighthouse has always been God’s church and we want to trust the Holy Spirit to lead us in this critical decision.

In addition, the LT asks that all questions be asked and answered before the Annual Meeting. A few moments will be allotted for questions at the Annual Meeting, but this will not be the time to clarify and arrive at a decision. It will be a time to confirm whatever God has said. We encourage you to contact members of the Leadership Team or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have your questions answered.

At the meeting, all members present will receive a ballot and will be asked to cast a vote either for or against Pastor Brandon as the next Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center. We will announce the result of the vote at the end of the meeting.

What will change at Lighthouse?

The most obvious change will be our new Lead Pastor. Pastor Brandon will be our main speaker on weekends, along with other members the Preaching Team. Most of the other changes will begin to happen behind the scenes. You may begin to see increased focus and execution of key areas of our vision, such as increased discipleship initiatives or outreach initiatives.

What will not change at Lighthouse?

Many things will remain the same. Certainly, our Core Values and Purpose will not change. Our commitment to a passionate discovery of God’s truth will continue, so biblical, transformative teaching will still happen on weekends. All our other ministries will continue to operate in the same way as before. Our pastoral staff will remain in place as well. The LT will not ask for resignations. They understand that continuity is very important, so the Shepherds you know and love will remain in place. All in all, your church family will look, feel and operate much as it has for the last several years. Over time, our prayer is that God will direct the new team to initiate a deeper gospel presence in our community.

Will we replace the Senior High Pastor? If so, when?

Should Pastor Brandon be affirmed, he, Pastor Art and the LT will make calling a Senior High Pastor a very high priority. Our goal is to have someone here by April or early May so that they can finish the school year with the students. Pastor Brandon would then be able to coordinate with the new Senior High Pastor. This timing would allow our students and their families to get to know him before summer begins. We trust God to supply this key position. We’ll work together to make this happen and bring someone who will love our students and continue to move the ministry forward.

What does the process look like from now through October 1, 2018?

If Pastor Brandon is affirmed by the members on February 26, he will gradually begin to transition into the Lead Pastor role. Art and Brandon will coordinate behind the scenes as Art begins to move into his next season of life. Art’s last weekend as Lead Pastor will be September 29-30, 2018. Until then, Art will continue to be our Lead Pastor and will pastor Lighthouse just as he has faithfully done for more than 26 years.

Why is the transition lasting eight months?

Changing lead pastors entails a significant amount of work and, if Pastor Brandon is affirmed, will include the search for a new Senior High pastor. Pastor Art and the LT felt that it would be best to allow sufficient time and opportunity for this to be done with excellence. We want to provide ample time and space for Brandon to transition, and for the people of Lighthouse to say “goodbye” to Pastor Art and Naomi. The transition will be incremental and happen slowly so that unity can maintained during the process. Ultimately, the eight-month period will allow Art to gracefully hand off responsibilities, bring closure to his own ministry, and make sure that Lighthouse continues to operate without interruption.

What if I still have questions? Where can we get our questions answered before the Annual Meeting?

We encourage you to get your questions answered BEFORE the Annual Meeting.

Our Leadership Team and Pastor Art would love to hear your questions and comments. Feel free to email them individually. If you would like to talk over the phone, please include your phone number in your email, the best time to call you, as well as a specific request for a response by phone. You will hear back from them as soon as they are able to call you.

How will we be able to thank Pastor Art and Naomi?

As a body, we want to honor and celebrate Pastor Art and Naomi and all they’ve done at Lighthouse. Be sure to mark your calendar and RSVP for the events below.

Retirement Celebration for Art on Sunday, September 30, 2018 (everybody)

Honoring Naomi on Saturday, September 29, 2018 (ladies)

What can I do to help?

• Seek God’s best for Lighthouse and, if you are a member, listen to the Holy Spirit, voting as you are led on February 26.
• Pray for our church, Pastor Art and Naomi, the LT and the proposed Lead Pastor, Pastor Brandon.
• Support the staff and the pastors during this time of transition.
• Stay involved at Lighthouse!
• Be here at the weekend services.
• Continue to give generously, supporting your church family.
• Find a place to participate and volunteer.
• Stay informed. If you don't have the Lighthouse app, get it today. We will use it to communicate updates on the transition. Read your eNews for updates as well.
• If you are not a member, take the next Membership Class and become a Lighthouse member.
• If you are a member, show up to vote at the Annual Meeting on February 26.
• Be positive!
• In it all, thank and praise God for His kindness and mercy in both leading Lighthouse Christian Center since 1991 and into the future He has for us!