It's time to start a new year of AWANA! This year, LCC is offering an at-home version for all of our AWANA families. Meet whatever day at whatever time works best for your family. You can do Awana @Home solo or gather with another family for added fun! Online registration for 3 years through 12th grade is now open. Each child needs a book and will be charged $15 each (Puggle through Journey) when registering. Optional uniforms are $15.

Register for AWANA at Home

See AWANA 2020-21 schedule below.
pdfCLICK HERE for this week's (March 23, 2021) weekly activities
pdfCLICK HERE for this week's (March 9, 2021) weekly activities

pdfClick here to view our AWANA 2020-21 schedule.

For more info about AWANA at Home, contact Thish Stage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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