Letter sent out to the LCC congregation from the Leadership Team on Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Lighthouse Family,
We are deeply grateful for your continued prayers and devotion to unity as a church in these times. Your staff and Leadership Team have been prayerfully seeking the heart of God as we prepare for the next season of life. A part of this preparation includes updating our COVID-19 protocols in light of our state government's continued evolution of guidelines.
As has been the commitment of our Leadership Team, LCC will keep in step with the recent guideline change, including the request for those who gather publicly indoors to wear a face covering, whether vaccinated or not. Though many of the restrictions we face can be ones we do not fully understand or agree with, we continue to base such decisions on God's Word that asks His people to remain subject to governing authorities (Romans 13:1) in as much as we are not led to disobey what God asks of us.
LCC Family, we ask that you keep many of our staff members and church family in prayer as they currently battle COVID. Though we are thankful that the Delta variant does not affect the majority of the population in severe ways, we have a number of church family who are, and have been, hospitalized and in need of God’s healing power. Due to the nature of not knowing who may or may not have a severe reaction to the virus, taking a simple precaution like masking up for the sake of others is an inconvenience we want to willingly take up for others. Our decision is not rooted in fear for ourselves, but one we make in love for others (Romans 13:8).
Below are a few areas of protocol that have been reduced for this upcoming season:
• No health screenings upon entry to LCC buildings.
• No face covering is required for anyone at LCC when outdoors.
• Continued exemption from face coverings for those with a disability, medical condition, or mental health condition and children under five years of age.

As has always been a precaution, please stay home if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of sickness.
In hopes of accommodating as many as possible, our hope is to take weekend gatherings outside as the weather and logistics allow. Over the next few weeks, LCC leadership will decide before each gathering if conditions and logistics are conducive to being outdoors. If this happens, please be aware that parking will look different, seats and stage will be in the upper parking lot, and Children’s Ministry will still be welcoming kids indoors for classes. When we are outside for gatherings, masks are simply recommended but not mandated for anyone.
LCC, though these continue to be strange times we are living in, we know that our faith is not rooted in man, governments, or circumstances, but instead in the perfect leadership of our God who works all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). May we continue to keep our eyes on Him as He guides us at every moment to love and respond as He does.
LCC Leadership Team