Our Teachers & Volunteers

Our teachers and volunteers should:
  1. Attend LCC at least six months before they are eligible to serve.
  2. Fill out a Children's Ministry Team Member Information Sheet.
  3. Give LCC permission to do a criminal history background check (18 years and above).  Any person who may pose a threat to children or youth will be prohibited from working with minors.
  4. Follow the rule of three. One adult or youth worker should not be alone with one child, therefore another adult should be present. Teachers and volunteers should remind other workers and parent volunteers to be aware of and follow the rule of three.
  5. Two screened adults are to be present at every function, classroom, vehicle or other enclosed area that involves children or youth.
  6. Agree to fill out an Annual Background Check Application every year; allow LCC to perform background checks no less than every one or two years.
  7. Cooperate with the legal responsibility to report any suspected or known incidents of child abuse to church leadership so that we can notify state authorities if necessary.

Restroom Policy

  1. If the classroom is equipped with a bathroom, children should go into the bathroom alone. If they need assistance by a worker the door should remain open.
  2. If no restroom is available in the classroom, children, 3 years through kindergarten, will be accompanied to the restroom by two adults. One adult will first check to ensure the restroom is empty. They will let the child/children use the restroom while both adults wait outside. Should assistance be needed in the restroom, an adult may enter to assist while in view of the second adult.
  3. For restroom use with children 1st-6th grade, the class will take a restroom break together, with two screened adults present and waiting outside the restroom. Before children enter the restroom, one adult will check to ensure that the restroom is clear of adults. Should assistance be needed in the restroom, an adult may enter to assist while in view of the second adult.
  4. If children 1st-6th grade need to use the restroom at a time other than the group restroom break time, they should go with a buddy. A screened adult will first check to see that the restroom is empty before the children enter the restroom. The screened adult will wait in the hallway outside the restroom.

Classroom Guidelines

  1. If a classroom door does not have an observation window then the door should be left open at least eight inches.
  2. Classroom doors should be unlocked when class is in session. Nursery room doors may be locked since they have a pass through window.

Nursery Policy

Children in the nursery should be changed only by authorized workers with another worker or volunteer present. The only exception will be a parent changing his/her own child.

Parent Permission

  1. Volunteers are not encouraged to meet one on one with a child. If occasion does arise for such a meeting, they should have written permission from the child's parent or legal guardian before the meeting. An appropriate church leader should also be notified in advance of the meeting.
  2. All children must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian to attend off campus church sponsored activities

Emergency Escape Plan

Each classroom is equipped with an Emergency Escape manual which gives instructions for exiting the building in case of an emergency. Should such an exit be necessary, downstairs classrooms will assemble in the back on the sidewalk.  Main floor and upstairs classrooms will assemble on the field.

Discipline Policy

  1. Three or four simple classroom rules are posted on the wall and the teacher will communicate the rules to the kids at the start of each class.
  2. Should a child disobey a rule, the child will first be reminded of the rule and warned that if they continue disobeying there will be consequences.
  3. Should the child continue, the teacher will take the child aside and ask them to tell them what rule they are breaking and why it is important to follow the rule. The child will be told that if they continue they will lose a privilege or have a time out.
  4. Should the child continue, they will be told that they are going to lose a privilege such as a snack or playing a game because they have disobeyed or they may be given a time out.
  5. Should the child continue disobeying, the parent will be paged and the teacher and parent will determine what steps should be taken next.

Check In/Check Out Policy

To ensure all children are accounted for, each child 4th grade and younger will be checked in for each session and checked out to an approved guardian.