At Lighthouse, we know that at some time in their marriage relationship, each couple will benefit from being mentored.

What is Marriage Mentoring?

Marriage mentoring is having a couple that has been through your stage of marriage or similar experiences walk alongside you to support, encourage, and point you to God's Word for advice.

Who is Marriage Mentoring for?

Marriage mentoring is for every couple. You can be matched with a mentor as newlyweds, new parents, for enrichment, or restoration in your marriage.

Mentors at Lighthouse go through the same process, inventory and materials, that mentees go through. We partner with Strong Marriages for support, training, and curriculum.

For how long will I be matched with a mentor?

We ask that a mentee and mentor couple commit to working together for at least one year, meeting twice each month.

What ongoing support is available for mentors?

After becoming a mentor, you are placed in a group of up to five mentor couples. This is your mentoring small group. A couple support coordinator will work with your small group to schedule meetings once a quarter, allowing you to hear new ideas from other group members and to help you work through any mentoring challenges you are facing. Confidentiality is key and specific mentee names are not used during these meetings.

What are the steps to becoming a mentor?

Submit your completed mentor application to the LCC office indicating your interest in becoming a marriage mentor. You will then meet with a member of the marriage mentoring leadership team. If, after this meeting, it is determined that marriage mentoring may be for you, you will go through the next MarriageMentor training. Working with the ministry coordinators, you will be matched with a mentee couple.

pdfmentor application

Interested in being matched with a mentor?

Submit your completed mentee application to the LCC office. A member of the marriage mentoring leadership team will contact you with more information about the marriage mentoring commitment. The mentoring process for one year of mentoring, including a couple assessment and all materials, is $125 per couple. Scholarships and payment options are available for those unable to fully contribute financially.

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For more info about marriage mentoring, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (253) 848-2028 ext. 107.