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High School Tribe of 5

Our primary way for high school students to connect with one another is through Tribes of 5. Tribes of 5 small groups of students who are of the same gender and age group getting together to learn God's Word, know each other better, and grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Let us know that you would like to be a part of Tribe of 5. We will work together with you to find a great tribe for you to join.

Check out this video with Pastor Jared Litke about Tribe of 5 for High School students.

High School Students: Register for Tribe of 5

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Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Matthew 5:7

Quote from "Studies in the Sermon on the Mount"
This be attitude follows all the others; therefore I put it in this form. I am poor in spirit; I realized that I have no righteousness; I realized that face to face with God and his righteousness I am utterly hopeless; I can do nothing. Not only that. I mourn because of the sin that is within me; I have come to see as a result of the operation of the holy spirit, the blackness of my own heart. I know what it is to cry out, “O, wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me?” and desire to be rid of this vileness that is within me. Not only that. I am meek, which means that now that I have experienced this true view of myself, nobody else can hurt me, nobody else can insult me, nobody can ever say anything too bad about me. I have seen myself, and my greatest enemy does not know the worst about me. I've seen myself as something truly hateful, and it is because of this but I have hungered and thirsted after righteousness. I've longed for it. I have seen that I cannot create it or produce it, and that nobody else can. I've seen my desperate position in the sight of God. I have hungered and thirsted for that righteousness which will put me right with God, and I will reconcile me two God, and give me a new nature and life. And I have seen it in the Christ I've been filled; I have received it as a free gift. - David Martyn-Lloyd Jones

1. How do the beatitudes connect to one another?
2. Are you NICE? or MERCIFUL?
3. How would you define Mercy? How does Jesus Define it?

READ: Matthew 18:15-20 & 8:21-35

4. What does this passage indicate about Mercy?

C: courageous vulnerability
U: unconditional obedience
E. encouragement

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