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Fun Groups
are single time or short-term experiences where people can get to know one another while doing something fun. From cooking classes and crafts to hiking and board games, the opportunities for fun are always changing. Sign up for a fun group and meet others from Lighthouse who love the same activities you do!

Game Nights

Game Nights

Tired of the same old board games in your closet? Come to Game Night and play games you may never have heard of but will love! Ticket to Ride, Machi Koro, Zooloretto, Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Wildlife Safari, King of Tokyo and more. This game night is intended for teens and adults of all ages. Childcare is not available for this fun group but games will be provided for older kids 8+ to play. Check out these unique games that are easy to learn and fun to play.

First Friday of each month
Facilitated by Ryan & Heather Hanson