Prayer for Global Outreach Partners

Prayer partners will meet as a large group and then break into regions to pray over our missionaries. Everybody is invited to join us. No need to register.

Fourth Sunday of each month
No meeting on December 24
Room 201 (upstairs in main building)

Meet Our Global Outreach Partners

This is your chance to get to know some of our global outreach partners. Come hear their stories and show your support for those working to spread the Gospel to unreached people groups.

October 14-15, 2023
Join us as we welcome Todd and Danielle Jorgenson. The Jorgensons are currently serving in Cambodia with the C&MA. They work with CAMA to spread the Gospel while providing food, clothing, medical care, and job training. No need to register. Light refreshments will be served.
 - Saturdays: 7:15pm in the Conference Room (Main Building)
 - Sundays: 10:15am & 12:15pm in Room 321 (Building 2)

Our vision is to see all Christians sharing Jesus in every sphere of their lives. We seek to radically impact the Kingdom by sharing the love of Christ with unreached, least-reached, and marginalized people groups. All of Jesus for all the world! We do this in the following ways:


God's mission is one of love. We will be dependent on Him to live out the fruits of His Spirit.


The message of the Gospel is for the entire world. We will show and tell the Truth.


God desires to reach everyone. We will focus on the overlooked and unreached.


God is calling us to live a life of mission. We will send and go through all open doors.

Sierra Leone Mission Trip (February 2024)

Our short-term mission trips give you the opportunity to be Jesus to people throughout the world. Trip opportunities will be posted below.

Sierra Leone Mission Trip (February 18-29, 2024)

Info Meetings for this trip:
 - Saturday, September 16 at 5:00pm
 - Sunday, September 17 at 12:45pm
 - Saturday, September 23 at 5:00pm
 - Sunday, September 24 at 12:45pm

CLICK HERE to learn more about this trip and register for an info meeting.

Updates, Praises, and Prayer Requests from our Partners

Each month we ask our partners to give us updates, praises, and prayer requests. We are excited to share these with our congregation, especially those of you who are part of a prayer group for specific partners.

pdfCLICK HERE to see the updates, praises, and prayer requests for August 2023.


We partner with missionaries and mission organizations throughout the world. Follow the link below to see our partners and discover how you can connect with them.

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Grace Ashram
Just $38 a month meets the basic needs of a child. Additional donations help with maintaining buildings and providing ongoing education. Consider sponsoring a child in need at the Grace Ashram Orphanage in India. Click on the links below to read the profiles for each child.
James Matthew
Theophilus Matthew
Sherly Matthew
pdfMahi Routia

College Sponsorship
Kidstown (India) strives to provide quality education for each child. Consider donating to or sponsoring a young adult to go to college.

Sponsor a kindergartener through NewLife Ethiopia
CLICK HERE to see a list of kiddos needing sponsorship.


Thank you for giving toward the work of spreading the Gospel through the ministries of LCC Global Outreach. Be sure to designate your gift accordingly.

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